Is your organization ready to recapture some of the $3 Billion lost each year to drug wastage?

Have single-dose vials, dose, and waste, created a reimbursement challenge?

In RJ Health's New White Paper
"Addressing Drug Wastage: A $3 Billion Challenge":

Todd Cooperman
PharmD, MBA, R.Ph.
Senior Vice President, Clinical Insights and Analytics

Manoj Kumar
Senior Vice President, Products and Innovation

We examine:

  • What Drug Wastage is
  • How it occurs
  • The size and scope of the wastage challenge
  • Who it impacts
  • How it can be addressed

Drug wastage has significant cost ramifications to:

  • Providers - who may face audits or penalties for over-payments
  • Health Plans & Payors - where overall spend increases flow downstream and impact providers and patients
  • Patients - who absorb the increases in the overall cost of therapy and substantial premium increases

Readers will learn about:

  • Therapeutic classes with some multi-dose NDC options vs those with only single-does NDCs
  • Examples of average dosing, available vial size combinations and potential waste
  • Wastage percentages within select therapeutic classes
  • Average Wastage WAC per Claim of Top Specialty Drugs
  • How Drug Wastage can be Addressed and specific solutions

"An end-to-end process in collaboration with providers is key to the mitigation of the drug wastage issue."